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Each day, I learn a little more. Sometimes it’s something good, sometimes not. Sometimes it just is. Sometimes it’s a realization that it’s something I already knew.

Still learning…

Still learning Window’s 8…at least I finally found my programs! Seems they’re called “Apps” now, and you have to right click on the start page to find them at the bottom. I’d probably be able to get through this much better if I had time to read all the help stuff. *SIGH*

Oooo! Found something called “Fresh Paint” on the start page of Window’s 8! I like it…or I think I do. Just have to figure out how to use it!

Windows 8

Got a new laptop for Christmas, and it came with Windows 8. Love the laptop (an Asus i5, a gift from my children, with…um, I don’t remember how much ram or rom – enough for me, though), but I’m still trying to get used to Windows 8!

Along with my still trying to figure out how to use a blog, I’ve just about pulled all of what’s left of my hair out. Not to mention it’s all cutting into my writing time. *SIGH!*

Learning curve….

This blog is still under construction….

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