So I put my KDP select novelette, Hard Changes, up for free for three days.  Then I forgot I had it scheduled until a few days before.  Bad move.  I rushed to put up a post about it then went looking for sites that allow you to put your free book up.  Unfortunately, a lot of them require you to have reviews and at least a three star rating.  Heh.  It has no reviews and no stars. And most sites require a heck of lot more lead time than two or three days.  I did find a couple that put it up for me, but apparently, judging from the number of downloads, that wasn’t enough.  It’s a science fiction story, and even there it’s sort of a niche book.  Or, maybe it’s just a rotten story.  Sigh.

Oh, well.  I have two more free days left.  I’ll schedule those and try to get a little more going in the way of promotions.  Poor little thing’s got a few hours left free today so maybe somebody (or somebodies) will still give it a whirl.