I’ve been writing some really short stories lately, something I’d never done before.   I think the shortest story I’d ever written had around seven thousand words.   I have Michael Brookes, the  author of several successful books,  to thank for my even trying.   He runs a monthly five-hundred-word-or-less contest on his blog, The Cult of Me, and I decided to enter the one for July.   Well, I was hooked so I also entered for August, September, and his latest one for October.   So far, I’ve not won one, but I have truly enjoyed the challenge of writing such a short story as I tend to sometimes get wordy when I write, and I found that restricting the number of words I can use makes me try and think of  a different approach, another way to put the words together.

(Michael did an author interview on me a few months ago, which, for some reason, I neglected to mention before *shaking my head*.   It can be found here)

Michael also writes extremely (at least I think it’s extreme!) short stories called “drabbles”, which are full stories of exactly one hundred words.  Heh.  I have not tried writing any of those!  Or at least not yet.   As soon as I work up my nerve I think I’ll give it a whirl.