A Review of “Stenson Blues” by Freddie Silva


                          Enter once again into the world of the Seven Kingdoms, where war and political intrigue reign.  In this second book of The Kingdom of Haven series, we meet a most unlikely player, Olaf the younger, sometimes called the unlucky, nephew of the founder of the Kingdom of Haven, Olaf the elder who was exiled from his home some years ago.


Nephew Olaf, having been crippled at an early age, is treated as a servant by his family (his last job was shoveling pig sh—er, um, pig stuff), and he is considered to be worthless for anything else.  However, once the family learns of his uncle’s rise in power at having obtained his own kingdom, they decide to send the nephew, along with an insufferably arrogant cousin, to try and curry favor with the uncle since he’s now a royal and they’re hoping some of it will rub off on them.


This story is told from the POV of the nephew, and is, in one sense, a coming of age story.  I enjoyed getting inside his head, knowing his thoughts and feelings, seeing his insecurities, watching him grow, and I know this is his story, however, I kind of missed interacting with Olaf the uncle, who’s story was told in the first book (The Order of the Wolf) from his POV.  I would have enjoyed seeing him having had more of a presence.  Just my opinion, though, probably because Olaf the nephew is so young, and the uncle is older – and so am I.


Still, it was quite an enjoyable read (I read it in one sitting because every time I tried to put it down, it sort of wouldn’t let me!), one that can be enjoyed by just about any age group.  Though there is not as much action as is in the first one (though there is some), the sense of the adventure of a different, less high-tech world is still there, and there is tons of intrigue.  And, yeah, as soon as the next one is out, I will run right out (or to my nearest internet device) and buy it too!