Fixing an outage…simple enough for an electronics tech…right?

the tech watpad

Lyda hovered over the darkened sector and extended her ships sensors.  She played the lights across the pillars and towers making them fluoresce in shades of blue when struck.

The tallest and biggest edifice, its large round column rising straight up, towered over the rest before bourgeoning out at the top to form the familiar mushroom shape.  It looked odd.  She increased magnification and immediately saw why.  One of the Lyon pillars at the top appeared to have broken off.

“Going down to the central unit, Rad,” she sent to her controller in Headquarters. “I’ve scanned the area and it looks like we have a broken Lyon.”

“Okay, Lyda, but be careful.  Repairing one of those can be very dangerous.  Wouldn’t want anything to happen to our top tech.”

“No worries, Rad.  Done this before, and I’m always careful.  I’ll be fine.”

She began her descent, reaching the central unit and maneuvering around the spires and intact Lyon pillar to land beside the broken one.  She stepped into the airlock, wriggled into her crawl suit, checked to make sure her tanks and seals were working properly, attached her tools, and hopped out of the ship.

And found right off why the Lyon was broken.

A cryot came rushing around the side of the left-hand spire, sailed over the debris from the crumpled pillar and slammed into her side.  She shrieked as she flew sideways toward the edge of the column but had the presence of mind to activate her grappler, catching herself on a nearby spire.

She could hear Rad shouting in her ear but didn’t have time to answer as the cryot was trying its best to follow up on its initial attack.  She reached into her tool belt, pulled out her torch, aimed at the oncoming assailant and slammed the “on” switch.

The white-hot beam streaked out hitting the cryot in its head as it leaped.  It crashed down two feet away from her and lay there smoking, one of its outstretched claws giving a final twitch as it expired.

“I’m okay, Rad,” she told her frantic controller as she carefully checked the area for more of the metallic creatures.  “Cryot trouble. Don’t see any others but I need to wrap this up fast.”

She set up a detector so she wouldn’t be taken by surprise again, laid out her tools and went to work on the broken Lyon.  One piece was beyond use so she hefted up the defunct cryot, shoved it into the space and tacked it in.  She smiled.  Served it right.  It would also serve as a warning to any others that showed up.

The grid lit up nicely and Rad verified all systems were restored, there was no further damage, so Lyda lifted off and headed for the enlargement chambers.

Rad was waiting for her when she came out restored to her proper size.  He grabbed her and held her tight.  She was their best nano tech, but she was also his wife.