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The red and blue armies faced off across the field of battle, awaiting the command to begin.

“Ready your weapons!” shouted the commanders, preparing to lead their men into the fray.

The soldiers raised their armaments, waiting.

“Prepare to engage!”

They braced themselves.


Screaming battle cries, they ran at each other, hearts thudding with adrenaline.  They clashed in the middle, pounding and thrusting at each other.

They fought until the air was hazy, then both armies retreated.

“Okay!” yelled the triumphant red commander, plucking feathers from his hair.  “We have the most intact pillows left!  We win the kingdom!”


A Thanksgiving (sort of) Drabble

A Thanksgiving Drabble

“Food’s wonderful!” exclaimed Elizabeth.

“For sure,” agreed William.  “They definitely know how to put on a spread!”

They were seated at a beautifully laid table full of every traditional Thanksgiving dish, with some new ones thrown in for variety.  Around the table, the other six guests were busily helping themselves.  Everybody remarked on how good, and how much there was.  They ate with no thought of tomorrow and all too soon, the food was gone.

The host smiled and waved at them from his secure booth, and threw the switch that sucked the life from the band of condemned murderers.


Turner: Bitter Change – available now!

Turner: Bitter Change (Book 1 of the Spaceships and Magic series) out now!

.99 @:

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Change happens. It’s a fact of life. But what if the change is so drastic it irrevocably alters your entire society, your whole world?

Fifteen year old Juri Turner lives in such a world. She knows nothing of the previous way of life, only what she reads in old books and magazines or overhears from roaming new nomads because she was born five years after the Artesio came from somewhere in the galaxy and rolled right over anything Earth had to offer as a defense. She lives in a deteriorating society ruled by a puppet government set up by uncaring aliens who have their own unknown agenda. However, she has problems of a more personal nature.

Starting at the age of three, she began experiencing a transformation, changes of which the most notable are scales growing all over her body, and, for no discernable reason, her parents formed an intense dislike of her. As she later discovers, so does anyone else with whom she comes in contact. She is bewildered – and bereft – but over the years, after a fashion, she has managed to find ways of coping.

One of her ways of coping includes stealing, and she now finds herself in solitary confinement at a government institution for the rehabilitation of wayward youth where she suddenly begins undergoing even more changes. They’re drastic and are accelerating, and there is no way she can keep them hidden.

What happens when her new alterations are discovered and she’s sent to a different location? Does the witch she meets there have answers to what she’s becoming?

Follow along with Juri as she struggles to learn what she is and to understand why she has been subjected to such a bitter change.

This is a story of change, and of hate, love, and betrayal; of a coming of age, and of spaceships and magic…

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