The Princess Rebellion (The Kyroibi Trilogy Book 2) by [McMullen, Christina]Buy at Amazon

What can I say? This second book of the series is a knockout! It gets more into the mystique of the Kyroibi, and what it means to Ellie to be a true master. She handles it well.

The world building and great characterization continue, and the three princesses, Ellie, Mikk, and Bethany (hey, she’s from Queens, that makes her a princess!), show that princesses can be strong and not just pretty faces. They get down to the business of fighting and saving; they prove that they don’t need no knight in shining armor to do the work for them!…although I have to say that Julian makes for a right nice knight in shining armor!

There are plenty of twists in this story that’ll keep you on your toes.

A great continuation of the series. I already have the third installment and I’m looking forward to it!

Five stars.