The Needs of the Many (The Kyroibi Trilogy Book 3) by [McMullen, Christina]

Omigosh! I got this book back in the spring and finished it in one sitting and then got distracted by several issues and did not do a review then. No excuses, I should have and I apologize to the author for being so late with it. Didn’t forget the book though.


1. Well written (as are all of the author’s books).

2. Good ending to a great sci-fi trilogy (I don’t want to introduce any spoilers here so I’ll just say I got to find out what happens to all the characters and I must say some of it came as a surprise).


There aren’t any!… well, maybe one and that is I’m sorry there isn’t another book (maybe a spin-off? Please?)!

If you’ve read the first two books then reading this one is a must! Five satisfied stars for keeping me highly entertained.

(See synopsis and “Look Inside at Amazon)