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The Needs of the Many (The Kyroibi Trilogy Book 3) by [McMullen, Christina]

Omigosh! I got this book back in the spring and finished it in one sitting and then got distracted by several issues and did not do a review then. No excuses, I should have and I apologize to the author for being so late with it. Didn’t forget the book though.


1. Well written (as are all of the author’s books).

2. Good ending to a great sci-fi trilogy (I don’t want to introduce any spoilers here so I’ll just say I got to find out what happens to all the characters and I must say some of it came as a surprise).


There aren’t any!… well, maybe one and that is I’m sorry there isn’t another book (maybe a spin-off? Please?)!

If you’ve read the first two books then reading this one is a must! Five satisfied stars for keeping me highly entertained.

(See synopsis and “Look Inside at Amazon)

The Princess Rebellion (The Kyroibi Trilogy Book 2) by [McMullen, Christina]Buy at Amazon

What can I say? This second book of the series is a knockout! It gets more into the mystique of the Kyroibi, and what it means to Ellie to be a true master. She handles it well.

The world building and great characterization continue, and the three princesses, Ellie, Mikk, and Bethany (hey, she’s from Queens, that makes her a princess!), show that princesses can be strong and not just pretty faces. They get down to the business of fighting and saving; they prove that they don’t need no knight in shining armor to do the work for them!…although I have to say that Julian makes for a right nice knight in shining armor!

There are plenty of twists in this story that’ll keep you on your toes.

A great continuation of the series. I already have the third installment and I’m looking forward to it!

Five stars.

Magic's Perdition by [Jensen, Melissa]Available at Amazon

This tale has all sorts of magical creatures including a teen dragon full of angst (well, he’s a teenager for a dragon anyway, and he has good reason to be full of angst).

He lives with a motherly sorcerer and an adopted sister on a vividly described world of magic in a small town.

The prevailing technologies correspond to early or mid-twentieth century but there are advanced robotic dogs, cats, and other things. There is also an enchanted forest, a slew of mysterious deaths, and a dark backstory that includes a wicked queen. It all leads up to a satisfying climax and ending.

It’s kind of steam-punkish, detective-novelish, and science-fictionish all rolled into one, a feast for fans of mixed-genre fantasy. And there’s a dragon! What’s not to love?

Five stars for an entertaining read.

Rise of the Discordant: The Complete Five Book Series by [McMullen, Christina]Available at Amazon

Once again, I find myself reviewing a book by Christina McMullen. Or rather, I should say “books” as this is a box set. I’ve never done a review of a box set before and I’m still not sure exactly how that should be done but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Each book builds on the previous one and segues flawlessly into the next. For me, reading them this way was an enjoyable experience and it kept the magic going in this tale of good vs. evil. Or rather, it is a tale of order vs. disorder.

The story takes place in a small Midwestern town and is told in the first person using the POVs of different characters, a method for which I usually don’t care, but in this case, I felt it worked quite well because it afforded greater insight into the thoughts and motives of each individual.

As you might expect, some folk are given the task of fighting this, er, fight.

There are the agents of Order, chosen by the Creator to be such after they’ve met their demise in some violent way. There are psychics and witches fighting alongside them, and then there are what I would call some gray area folk who also join the brouhaha, including a decidedly different bartender in a bar that’s central to the story. They don’t always agree or get along and there was my occasional thought of, “This is a good guy?” but they’re determined to keep at bay the denizens of Chaos who are hell-bent on causing mayhap and mayhem, and major disruption in the world. Theirs is a tough job and all isn’t necessarily as it seems (wherein I had the occasional thought of, “This is a bad guy?”) and the outcome of the battle against the denizens of Chaos isn’t clear.

The take on the Creator of Everything is unique but I found myself nodding and thinking, “Yeah, that makes sense”. There is a dark thread that runs throughout (I mean, there are all sorts of dark creatures such as vampires, werewolves, etc. which means there’s bound to be some maiming and killing) but, after all, this wouldn’t be a proper McMullen tale without some chuckles and believe me, they’re there. Still, the story makes you stop and think.

And I stopped and thought – several times – and in the end, what I thought was I was sorry to get to the end! I wanted more of this never-ending story! Anybody that likes paranormal fantasy will love this!

Five stars because Christina McMullen has done her usual job of entertaining the heck out of me.

This first book in a series is a fine tale and a great beginning. The characters are well developed and it has a well-written plot. I also love the cover so kudos to the artist.

Ellie, the space girl of the title, learns some life-changing facts about herself and her family and has to come to terms with that all while dealing with a nefarious enemy out to conquer the galaxy. There’re aliens, action, surprises, a little romance, and the feel of a good old-fashioned space opera.

What’s not to love?

I recommend this book to anybody who likes a good science-fiction story (or wants to read one for the first time!)

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SELIA's Promise: A Short Story by [McMullen, Christina]

I chose this story to read because it’s short and I don’t have a lot of time at the moment. Besides, I’ve enjoyed other of this author’s books and figured I’d find a laugh or two in it. And, believe it or not considering the dark premise, I did.

I can’t say a lot without giving too much away because, after all, it IS a shortie, but this I can say: it’s the best apocalyptic story I’ve read in recent years. It is dark and clever and it grabbed me from the beginning. I went through the highs and lows – and more highs and lows – along with the protagonist, and could not see what the end would be – until the very end. And it was perfect.

It is well written (as is usual for Christina McMullen) and I’m so glad she wrote it!

Zenzoris Returns (The Sophie Radcliffe Series Book 1) by [Burnley, Jenny]

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Sophie Radcliffe is a gutsy and brilliant (and somewhat foul-mouthed) computer scientist from Texas. She’s also a ten-year veteran of the Intergalactic Law Enforcement Agency. She and her two human partners captured a Drogg criminal named Zenzoris and locked him up forever.

Zenzoris, a particularly ruthless and nasty bad guy, made a promise to exact revenge against Sophie and her planet, and he’s also determined to destroy the Intergalactic Council and seize control of the galaxy.

When Sophie hears he has escaped from his prison pod to instigate his nefarious mission, her job is to recapture him and throw him back in the slammer.

The story is well written with a good plot and surprisingly well developed characters for being so short, and the author also manages to throw in a rather startling twist. The story has aliens, secret portals, computer coding, wormholes, spaceships, stuff blowing up, plenty of action, and some moments that really had me chuckling.

I enjoyed this quick read and I think that anyone who likes science fiction – and space opera in particular – will get a kick out of it.

I give it five stars.

A Shot at the Big Time: A Maxima City Talent Novel by [McMullen, Christina]

Available at Amazon

I liked this story. To expand on that statement – I really liked this story! It is quite a different take on characters with superhuman powers told from the point of view of a Talent, as they’re called, who’s not on the side of the “good” guys.

Frostbyte, a female Talent who admits to being on the other side of good, is determined to exact revenge on a member of the hero faction, Magnificent Man, for a traumatic incident suffered by her family when she was a kid.  She finally gets her chance at moving up into the big league of villains and prepares to deal out her payback. Things escalate and s**t happens.

That’s all I’m gonna say.

Well, except for this: The story moves along at a good pace; it’s got satire, a little romance, a bit of angst, some heavy drinking, fighting, IT fixes, stolen panties, and a woman longing for pockets (not necessarily in that order), but best of all, it’s got FUNNY!

I would recommend this book to anyone who’s ever read a super-hero comic book and/or to anyone who needs a good laugh.

Five stars – for making me snort.

Going Green by Christina McMullen – available at Amazon

Over the past year, I’ve accumulated a host of books on my Kindle that I’ve simply not gotten around to reading. I’ve had this one since back in the spring and I’m kicking myself for taking so long to get to it – but glad that I finally did.

I’ve read a few zombie apocalypse stories and I have to say that this one is not what I expected – and that’s a good thing as I like stories that take an old theme and turn it into something new and fresh.

It’s kind of a case of “the road to Hell being paved with good intentions” or maybe “missing Heaven and hitting Hell” would be another way of describing it. It’s the end of the world (as we know it) written in a series of interconnected stories that describe the catastrophic outcome of a wrong-way government official having released a toxic agent onto the world that causes nearly everyone to become a shambling, grunting, flesh-eating zombie. While the book is short, the story is complete and definitely won’t leave you hanging. I don’t want to say a lot because I’m afraid of introducing a spoiler but I certainly liked the twist at the end and felt it was the perfect ending.

I loved the writing style, the satire, and the humor, and I certainly will be reading more of Christina McMullen’s work. (While perusing my Kindle I was happy to discover that I already have a couple other of her books and I’ve already bought her newest one.)

If you like sci-fi and zombie stories (and even if you don’t!) you will love this one!  A solid five stars.

Click to buy @ Amazon – available in ebook and paperback


In some respects, this book kind of reminds me of Herman Hesse’s “Siddartha” in that the protagonist is on a path to self-discovery. It is a book that is an experience. It has time-traveling, religion, and science, with a good dollop of mysticism.
From the moment the protagonist awakens to find a mysterious being in his room, you’re off to other dimensions and other worlds as he is taken on a mission that twists through different times and places. He is brought up against a powerful antagonist and placed in circumstances that would blow anyone’s mind yet he somehow manages to maintain his sanity in his attempts to rise to the challenges.
I must admit that I found it somewhat hard to understand in places, and felt there were a few things that could’ve been made clearer. However, I still found it to be quite an intriguing read and I believe it to be a great book for anyone who loves enigmatic plot twists.

4/5 stars

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