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Shane, Evelyn, Connor, and Valerie.

Non-siblings bound together since conception by a connection only they have, they also share an invisible friend.

Not all invisible friends are necessarily imaginary.

Consider Anotrothe.

Friend and gentle guardian with powerful psychic abilities, he is invisible to everyone except them until they are twelve, and no one else knows he has been there all along.

One day, he tells them that the connection they share gives them the capacity to learn things no other humans can, and promises to teach them when they are old enough to learn.

When they are eighteen and bound for college, he informs them that it’s crucial they begin their lessons soon because malignant forces are on the way to destroy their world and they must use their abilities to help him save Earth.

He becomes their teacher, using a method that is unusual, one could even call it… unorthodox. It is one that dictates he become much more than simply an instructor.

Then, he reveals to that they are the result of a biological experiment and their world becomes filled with mounting tensions intermingled with rising doubts.

Are they what he says they are and is he the benevolent benefactor he appears to be?

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Juri Turner has helped save Earth and the rest of the galaxy from the nasty aliens known as scorbs. The cleanup from war and the search for survivors of their captives begins. Why does something always come along to throw a wrench in things? With the scorbs beaten, one would think all would be well. One would be wrong.

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Why can’t a day in the park be just a nice day in the park? For Cady and Sam, things can’t seem to remain the way they like it–nice and calm.

A quiet picnic with the family should be a cinch, right?

Well, maybe not so much when you’re a family of werewolves. Still, you gotta try.



Tennessee Murray has a great family, wonderful friends, and a challenging and interesting job as a middle-school English teacher. In addition to realizing his dream of publishing a book, he is engaged to the love of his life. The future is bright and things can only get better.

Then one foggy summer morning along with the ten billion other people on the face of the Earth, his life changes forever.

A novel of science fiction – Coming soon

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Jack Warslow is a run-of-the-mill thief who considers himself to be quite competent – until he breaks into a house in an affluent neighborhood where he picks up a cat and finds himself in a situation he never could’ve imagined. He’s a long way from home, and now, his dilemma is to figure out how to get back without having to pay the price of overconfidence.


There are some situations for which you can’t prepare. When penny-ante thief Jack Warslow picks up a cat, he doesn’t have a clue of what he’s about to get into, and he discovers that there is a price to pay for overconfidence. Now he finds himself in a position of having to make a deal just to save his skin and get back home.

A short story from the Dark Realm.

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