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Not Much Here…

Today is the second day of the rest of…the week!…and as soon as I find something else to say and get the time to say it, well, by God I will!

Doing stuff…

Okay. So I’m trying to set up a twitter account. Never twitted – um, no, no, I think that should be “tweeted” though I’m not sure – before! Don’t know who to “follow” but the thing is giving me “suggestions”.

What I really want to be doing right now is working on the second book in my series that I’m trying to get completed and published sometime this spring. Got stuck on that, so I thought I’d work on the other book I’m writing that’s not part of the series but is in the same “universe”….got stuck on that too!

So I finished a novelette I’ve been working on since last fall. Working on the cover for that one, hoping to get it published shortly.

Good thing I’m “retired”.

Each day, I learn a little more. Sometimes it’s something good, sometimes not. Sometimes it just is. Sometimes it’s a realization that it’s something I already knew.

Still learning…

Still learning Window’s 8…at least I finally found my programs! Seems they’re called “Apps” now, and you have to right click on the start page to find them at the bottom. I’d probably be able to get through this much better if I had time to read all the help stuff. *SIGH*

Oooo! Found something called “Fresh Paint” on the start page of Window’s 8! I like it…or I think I do. Just have to figure out how to use it!

Learning curve….

This blog is still under construction….

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