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FREE sci-fi ebook at Smashwords: Sower

My birthday is on 2/15/18. To celebrate I’m giving away my science fiction novel, “Sower” at Smashwords.  Help me have a happy birthday by downloading with coupon WC59R.

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Sard is one of the last Sowers. He’s charged with helping restore Earth which was devastated in a war four thousand years before. He’s an agent of Special Operations for the Restoration of Earth or SpORE, a biological program designed to return the Earth and its new primitives to a viable state.

As a Sower, one of his duties is performing a necessary function that will rebuild the diminished population. This is done by – well, let’s just say he gets the job done. He is young, smart, and resilient – and finds the existing main food staples of rats and cockroaches to be quite tasty.

One day, he and his AI partner find something that not only could ruin all the work that’s been done but she becomes trapped by the newly discovered menace.

It’s a dangerous situation and time is running out. Will Sard be up to the task?

It’s a tough job but so is the Sower…



Sower – post apocalyptic



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Randy looked up at the darkening sky.  “We’d better hurry and find shelter, Brie.  Storm’s coming.”

She gripped her bag tightly, nodded wearily and trudged behind him across the grassy plain.

“There!  That’s a building there, at the edge of this sweep.  Come on, let’s wait inside ‘til this blows over.”

Brie squinted.  In the distance, she made out a small, deserted shack.  She stumbled on.  She was tired and needed to rest.  It would do.

The shack looked even shabbier as they neared.  The doors and windows were missing, and it looked as if, at some point, it had sustained a fire.  Cautiously, Randy edged up and eased his head into the door opening.

“It’s clear.” He went in and peered up at the shadowy ceiling and rafters.  “Don’t seem to be many holes.  It should keep us pretty dry as long as we stay away from those window openings.”

Brie followed him in.  They’d stayed in worse.  Lightening flickered behind her and thunder rolled.  She looked around the dim bare room.  Nothing to sit on except the floor.

Randy shucked his bow and quiver of arrows, and his dilapidated backpack, setting them down against a wall.  She set her just-as-ragged bag beside his, slumping down the wall to the floor, hugging her knees.  He sat down beside her and placed an arm around her shoulders, pulling her close.  He was tired, too.

They fell asleep huddling in a corner away from the broken windows, listening to the rain pelt the little shack.

Brie woke up first.  The storm was over and it was pitch black.

“Randy? Rain’s stopped.”

She rummaged in her bag pulling out one of her precious kitchen matches and a candle.  She lit it.  And screamed.

Randy opened his eyes and looked into the face of a monster.  It grabbed him around the neck with a huge hairy hand, the candlelight glinting off its jagged rotted teeth, its yellow eyes gleaming.

Still shrieking, Brie scrambled up and rammed the candle into its left eye.  The thing roared, dropping Randy and clasping its eye.  Randy, coughing from being choked, groped in the darkness for his bow, pulled out an arrow quickly nocking it, and rose to his knees unable to see anything in the dark.

“Down Brie!” he shouted.  He heard a soft thud, prayed it was her hitting the floor and loosed his arrow toward where he heard the howling creature.

There was a gurgling snarl and Brie gave a muffled cry as something fell across her back.  It didn’t move.  Light flared as Randy lit a candle.  It was dead.  He’d gotten it through the neck.

He moved its arm from Brie, made sure she was all right and set about making a fire just outside the door.  Brie found their lone knife and began hacking away at the thing’s pelt.

They didn’t know what kind of monster it was – mutated human or otherwise, they didn’t care – they would eat well tonight.



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