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The inhabitants of Boucher’s World have been trapped inside a mysterious Dome that has covered nearly their entire continent since shortly after people from Earth arrived on the world a little over two millennia ago. For ages, they have sought a way out, without success.

Then one day, a Human predult, a young woman named Jade, and her Cat partner, Tally, both employees of the leading pest company, Nuisance Apprehenders, Inc., were clearing pests from an area near the Dome wall and accidentally made a remarkable discovery: a door in the wall.

Thus begins the chronicles of what happens when the people of this world – which also includes another race called the Elvwists, and sentient cats and dogs from Earth – finally emerge from what had been a cage for them for so long. Will they be able to contact their home worlds? And what happens to Jade when she is kidnapped by a man who “collects” young women? Will she be rescued in time?

Every writer has a debut book, right?  You’re supposed to get a blog, go on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc, and do a press release and some serious promoting leading up to your publish date so folk will hear about your brand new baby way in advance.

*SIGH* Well, I did none of that.  As far as I know, nobody knows, even now, that my debut novel was Boucher’s World: Emergent, a science fiction novel set on a world circling the star, Epsilon Eridani.

My reason for doing none of that?  Simple: I didn’t have a clue.  I didn’t know I was supposed to do all that.  I just wanted to get my book published before I died.

I’m an independent writer, one who never tried traditional publishing.  I checked into it but determined that if I went that route, since I was sixty-five years old at the time, by the time I got a book published, I’d be at least in my seventies – assuming I ever got one published.

So I checked on publishing a book on my own and discovered there were several ways of going about it.  I decided it was best to steer clear of vanity publishers – mainly because I was broke and they all wanted a bunch of bucks – and went with doing it as an ebook at Smashwords which was FREE.

I liked free.  I had my book ready to go, so I read the free guide on how to format an ebook and get it distributed to the major ebook sites (the Smashwords Style Guide), uploaded the thing, and off she went.

I have to admit that it’s a good guide, especially for a rank beginner – as I was – and after going through it and following the instructions, I had no problems getting my book through what Smashwords calls their “meat-grinder”.

What I didn’t do, though, was read the other free Smashwords guides:  the Smashwords Book Publishing Guide, and Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success.  Something I should’ve done before publishing, I suppose, but, who knew?  Had I read those first, I probably wouldn’t have published when I did.  I think I would at least have signed up for Twitter, first.  Heck, I didn’t do that ‘til months later, after I’d already e-published several other books.  Too late, I believed, to holler about my debut novel.

So, I didn’t.  I just kept writing and publishing, mainly because I realized early on that I got a large amount of pleasure out of just writing the stories.  I wish I was good at promoting, though, because I also get a kick out somebody, somewhere, reading one of my books, too.  Not good at that, so I just keep writing.

Anyway, what I’m trying to do (in a round-about way) is holler about my debut book.  I know, I know, it’s a bit past time for that, and at this late date it’s probably useless to even bring it up, but I spent a good deal of enjoyable time writing that book, and I feel it deserves to be acknowledged as the very first book I ever published.

The first in what eventually became a trilogy in a series of nine (so far), that I call the Boucher’s World series, this  book is free on all ebook sites, the others can be had for a negligible sum.

So, here’s an introduction to my debut novel, Boucher’s World: Emergent


The people of Boucher’s World have been trapped inside a Dome that has covered nearly their entire continent since shortly after the Earthlings arrived on the world a little over two millennia ago.  For ages, they’ve sought a way out.
One day, a Human predult, a young woman named Jade, and her Cat partner, Tally, make a remarkable discovery: a door to the outside.

This book chronicles what happens when the people – which includes sentient cats and dogs, and an alien race called the Elvwists – finally emerge from what has been a cage for them for so long.  Will they be able to contact their home worlds? And what happens to Jade when she’s kidnapped by a man who “collects” young women?  Will she be rescued in time?


Find a couple of reviews, here, and here.

Hard Changes – a novelette

Hard Changes  (a science fiction  novelette) at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Inktera

What will Randa do when her vow-mate goes fishing and doesn’t return?  She lives in a very isolated area, alone with her children, and without their provider she is the only one who can keep them alive.  Will she be able to handle the task?  Will her mate return?  And what will happen when they finally meet the beings they have been told are demons?

Change can be very hard and it takes flexibility to be able to meet all the challenges that are usually involved.

A story of birth, death, and other changes.

Available only at Amazon.com

The second book in my Boucher’s World series will be out soon.  I’m aiming for somewhere between June 1st and 15th.  I’m working fast to make that date!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

In the meantime, the first book in the series, Boucher’s World: Emergent is available atSmashwordsAmazon (where you can also get the paperback, but that costs more so you may want to stick with the ebook), B&NKoboDiesel, Apple (view in iTunes to buy), Sony, and Versant.   Reviews at any of those sites are welcome.  So are comments.
Synopsis: In the year 2347, the people of Earth sent colonists to an uninhabited planet discovered the century before in the star system of Epsilon Eridani.
As it turned out, the world was inhabited; by a race of gentle giants with certain psychic abilities, called Elvwists.  Since the humans couldn’t go back, they had no choice but to come to an agreement with the Elvwists, who fortunately were an amicable race of beings.
A year after their arrival, one day they awakened to discover themselves surrounded by an impenetrable, transparent Dome.  This caused a huge disruption in the societies of both races, with the Elvwists eventually withdrawing behind force shields for their own safety and the humans degenerating into savagery.
Two thousand years later, a way out was finally discovered by a young woman, and the descendants of both races, having reconciled a thousand years before when the humans suddenly developed psychic abilities of their own, emerged from the Dome together.
Boucher’s World: Emergent is the chronicle of how the exit was found, what happens when they leave the Dome, and how some unfortunate things about some humans have not changed in two thousand years.

Feeling sorry for my book…

So I put my KDP select novelette, Hard Changes, up for free for three days.  Then I forgot I had it scheduled until a few days before.  Bad move.  I rushed to put up a post about it then went looking for sites that allow you to put your free book up.  Unfortunately, a lot of them require you to have reviews and at least a three star rating.  Heh.  It has no reviews and no stars. And most sites require a heck of lot more lead time than two or three days.  I did find a couple that put it up for me, but apparently, judging from the number of downloads, that wasn’t enough.  It’s a science fiction story, and even there it’s sort of a niche book.  Or, maybe it’s just a rotten story.  Sigh.

Oh, well.  I have two more free days left.  I’ll schedule those and try to get a little more going in the way of promotions.  Poor little thing’s got a few hours left free today so maybe somebody (or somebodies) will still give it a whirl.

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