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Tennessee Murray, out of college for three years, has realized his ambition to teach and his dream of publishing a book, and is preparing to marry the love of his life. Things can only get better, right?

He thinks so. That is, he does until the morning he awakens and his fiancée is not in their apartment. He steps out into an unexpected and unusual fog to go looking for her and finds himself in a waking nightmare. Something has happened. It is sudden, it is deadly, and it is inexplicable. It changes not only his life but that of everyone on Earth.



Rise of the Discordant: The Complete Five Book Series by [McMullen, Christina]Available at Amazon

Once again, I find myself reviewing a book by Christina McMullen. Or rather, I should say “books” as this is a box set. I’ve never done a review of a box set before and I’m still not sure exactly how that should be done but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Each book builds on the previous one and segues flawlessly into the next. For me, reading them this way was an enjoyable experience and it kept the magic going in this tale of good vs. evil. Or rather, it is a tale of order vs. disorder.

The story takes place in a small Midwestern town and is told in the first person using the POVs of different characters, a method for which I usually don’t care, but in this case, I felt it worked quite well because it afforded greater insight into the thoughts and motives of each individual.

As you might expect, some folk are given the task of fighting this, er, fight.

There are the agents of Order, chosen by the Creator to be such after they’ve met their demise in some violent way. There are psychics and witches fighting alongside them, and then there are what I would call some gray area folk who also join the brouhaha, including a decidedly different bartender in a bar that’s central to the story. They don’t always agree or get along and there was my occasional thought of, “This is a good guy?” but they’re determined to keep at bay the denizens of Chaos who are hell-bent on causing mayhap and mayhem, and major disruption in the world. Theirs is a tough job and all isn’t necessarily as it seems (wherein I had the occasional thought of, “This is a bad guy?”) and the outcome of the battle against the denizens of Chaos isn’t clear.

The take on the Creator of Everything is unique but I found myself nodding and thinking, “Yeah, that makes sense”. There is a dark thread that runs throughout (I mean, there are all sorts of dark creatures such as vampires, werewolves, etc. which means there’s bound to be some maiming and killing) but, after all, this wouldn’t be a proper McMullen tale without some chuckles and believe me, they’re there. Still, the story makes you stop and think.

And I stopped and thought – several times – and in the end, what I thought was I was sorry to get to the end! I wanted more of this never-ending story! Anybody that likes paranormal fantasy will love this!

Five stars because Christina McMullen has done her usual job of entertaining the heck out of me.

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Tennessee Murray has a great family, wonderful friends, and a challenging and interesting job as a middle-school English teacher. In addition to realizing his dream of publishing a book, he is engaged to the love of his life. The future is bright and things can only get better.

Then one foggy summer morning along with the ten billion other people on the face of the Earth, his life changes forever.

A novel of science fiction – Coming soon

I awaken, adrift in a warm, surrounding darkness, bound and restrained. I hear a pulsating sound.

In what strange circumstance do I find myself? What have I done to be so confined?

In the darkness, a light begins to dawn. With constricted movements, I struggle toward it as best I can, determined to be free.

I tire and must stop to rest, but, anxious to escape, I soon continue my efforts. The pounding noise intensifies. I am frightened but I forge ahead.

Suddenly, I remember my death but immediately begin to forget as I emerge into brightness, and am born.


(Originally written in 2014)

He stands in the stillness of the evening, his cloak stirring in the soft breeze. His dark eyes are gentle, his smile loving as he gazes at me. He is beautiful.

“I will love you forever,” he says, his voice low and soft.

I’ve never met anyone like him. I am afraid his love will fade and he will leave me bereft and alone.

“Will you?” I ask, not sure of going with him.

“Yes, my beloved.”

I am comforted as Death takes me by the hands and leaps on his great, white steed, and away with me, he rides.


(Originally written in 2014)

Sebastian and Parakeet loved each other and pledged to take vows. They found themselves enamored of Priscilla, the lieutenant from Earth.

They went to the hospital where she awaited surgery, to see her and declare their desire to court her. They took flowers and a box of chocolates.

Sebastian’s sister, Jade, was there, and cautioned, “See her but hold off on courting until after surgery. Give her time to recuperate and get used to the idea. She’ll probably accept you, Sebastian, but she’ll have doubts about Parakeet.”

Knowing this was true, Sebastian and his big, silvery, dual-sexed pledge-mate agreed.


(This is from the universe of  “Boucher’s World” and was originally written in 2013.)

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Sard is one of the last Sowers. He’s charged with helping restore Earth which was devastated in a war four thousand years before. He’s an agent of Special Operations for the Restoration of Earth or SpORE, a biological program designed to return the Earth and its new primitives to a viable state.

As a Sower, one of his duties is performing a necessary function that will rebuild the diminished population. This is done by – well, let’s just say he gets the job done. He is young, smart, and resilient – and finds the existing main food staples of rats and cockroaches to be quite tasty.

One day, he and his AI partner find something that not only could ruin all the work that’s been done but she becomes trapped by the newly discovered menace.

It’s a dangerous situation and time is running out. Will Sard be up to the task?

It’s a tough job but so is the Sower…


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