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Bad Weather – a drabble

Bad Weather


The funnel shaped cloud formed rapidly, as such clouds usually do.  It bore down on the isolated stretch of houses and when folk heard the warning siren they quickly ran to their cellars.

Everybody emerged once the all clear sounded and immediately headed for their vehicles.  Eyes were tearing up and people were retching.

Zeke cursed through bouts of vomiting as he staggered toward his truck.  He yelled to his wife and kids, “Git in! We gotta git outta here fast!”

“Whut’s that stench, Zeke?” moaned his gagging wife, clinging to an screaming, upchucking baby.

“It wuz a goddamned skunknado!”


Turner: Bitter Change Book 1 of the Spaceships and Magic scifantasy series

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An alien invasion.  A transforming child who is hated by all.  How are these two events connected?  Or are they?

Does Juri Turner hold the key to throwing off the yoke of the new masters of Earth?

A tale of bitter change. A tale of hate, love, and betrayal.  One of a coming of age, and of spaceships and magic…



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Book 1 – Boucher’s World: Emergent – permafree at Smashwords

A world imprisoned under a dome for two thousand years.  Have a pest company worker and her cat partner found the key to freedom?


Book 2 – Boucher’s World: Transformation – coupon UM74D

The only two options for Boucher’s World is change or die.  But, if they change, will they survive?


Book 3 – Boucher’s World: Encounter’s – coupon VT44C

Reestablishing relations with long lost kin can have unexpected consequences.

Release date for Turner: World Change is 6-2-2015! (Book 2 of the Spaceships and Magic series)

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Bitter Change bc

All the human-born dragon has to do is discover how to save one world from certain annihilation and ensure help for another.  After all, it’s the reason she was born and she’s been assured it’s her destiny, so it’s doable, right?

Born on Earth of human parents, because of an ancient magical enchantment, Juri Turner transforms into a dragon in order to help fight and defeat the Artesio, aliens who invaded and subjugated Earth two decades ago.  She does this by opening a door to another dimension and getting help from the magical dragons and humans who originally cast the spell.

Their world, Mur, is dying due to an error made eons ago, and in addition to saving Earth, Juri learns she was also born to save Mur.  She doesn’t have a choice as she will have to live on this world for the rest of her life.

She is trained for the task by the royal mages, the very people who caused her to be born to change into a dragon, an occurrence that has brought her a lot of trouble and pain during her short life.

She was told she’d know how to work the magic she learns from the mages, but, the thing is – she doesn’t, and complicating matters is the fact that soon after arriving in Mur, she discovers the war on Earth is not over after all, and if she is successful in saving Mur, she’ll have to secure more help and return to Earth.  In the meantime, she’s also being forced into an unwanted marriage to a dragon!

Will Juri be able to overcome the obstacles thrown in her way and do what it takes to prevent the destruction of the new world in which she will have to live?

Pray for Mur, pray for Earth, but especially pray for Juri, for without her, both worlds are doomed.


Subbing – a short Easter story

“No.  I cannot.”

“Oh com’on, Max!  You already have some of the right colors.  Why, that pink is perfect! And the blue – it’s the exact shade needed!  All you have to do is put this on–”


I did not wish to be harsh with him, as he was a friend, but I still had bad memories from the last time I agreed to impart such aid.

“Do you recall what occurred when I assisted Nick when his leg was broken?” I asked.  “I would not care for a repeat of that, and this is a similar situation.”

Everyone had heard of the problem that arose during that event.  It had not been a pleasant  moment.

“Aww…the kids will be so disappointed!  If only my foot hadn’t got snagged in that thing.”  He shook his head, and sighed.

He sat down and stretched out his leg, observing his bandaged appendage.  It had been caught in a trap.  He sighed again, rather sadly, then peered at me.  His large, brown, watery eyes appeared to beseech me.

I beheld him.  He was truly a woebegone sight, and a sudden feeling of compassion arose within my chest.  I felt contrite.  I had known him for years, and he was an excellent friend.  My brain was telling me it was not a good idea, but, I reconsidered.  And so, with a sigh, I surrendered.

“I will do it, but I do not think the suit will fit.  It appears to be much too small.”

There was relief on his expressive face, and it lit up with elation.  He hobbled – with a little hop – over to hold the suit up to me.

“Hey, no worries, Max.  It’s adjustable.”

So I struggled into the suit and he handed me the items I would need to implement the job.  I felt foolish.

“I feel foolish,” I said.

“Oh, you look fine!” he said, waving me off down the walk.  “Don’t let anybody get a close look and you’ll be good.”

I studied the controls of the waiting vehicle and ensured that all the packages were properly affixed.  I sincerely hoped that matters would proceed much better while making deliveries for him, than they had when I substituted for Nick at Christmas, wherein I was discovered by the family at my final stop.  They had not appreciated an eight-foot tall, horned, blue demon in a red velvet suit, placing presents under their holiday tree.  They dialed 911 and I had nearly been exposed.  Had that occurred, I would have been dispatched back to Hell.

As I prepared to leave, Bun Rab called to me, “Don’t forget to hop!  It helps keep you unnoticed!”

I made sure the hoodie-type head covering with lop-ears attached, was straight; felt to confirm the cotton-tail was in place, cranked up the Easter cart, and set off down the Bunny Trail to begin the delivery of Easter baskets.

At least the color of the rabbit suit matched my pink eyebrows.    ###



I hear a noise and look around to pinpoint its location.  It appears to be coming from the corner by the window.  It’s the chirping of a cricket.

I go to check but it has moved along the wall.  I follow.  I stand still and listen.

Again, the sound has moved, now across the room to the opposite wall.

I am annoyed and determined to catch the cricket, so I continue to follow, flyswatter in hand.

Then, the sound comes from midair, in the center of the room.

Slowly, horrifyingly, it dawns on me.  The noise is in my head.



This drabble was inspired by a true story.  The names have been changed to protect the somewhat innocent.


Pedaling Hard


“What are you doing, Sophie?”

“Gotta get this done but they keep popping off every time I try!” She sounded quite aggravated.

“Hmm… lemme see,” mused Dan, studying the problem. “Oh, lines not long enough.  Well, I can help you out.”

He straddled a chair in front of her, stuck one foot out and commenced to pedal the treadle. “Hold on tight and lean forward!” he said loudly over the ensuing whooshing noise.

She nodded and pushed the suction cups down firmly while he pedaled.

The pump thumped, filling the bag, and together, they managed to get her properly milked.


Coming in late spring of 2015 – Book 2 of the Spaceships and Magic series

Coming in late Spring of 2015!

Bitter Change bc

Juri Turner, the human-born dragon, has to discover how to save one world from impending doom and ensure help for another – all while trying to escape death and an unwanted marriage!

Pray for Mur, pray for Earth, but most of all, pray for Juri!


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